crisopa - a lucid dream kit

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  • Label : n5MD
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It's been nearly 3 years since we last heard from occupational educator and experimental electronic music production moonlighter Santiago Lizon's Crisopa nom de plume. In 2012 Biodance (n5MD) was heralded as being a stellar example of how far an artist can experiment yet still remaining harmonious. His latest effort 'A Lucid Dream Kit" follows in the same vivid thread of Biodance due to Lizon's adeptness at experimenting with layering while utilizing just the right amount of melodic hooks to keep the listener fully engaged. From the album's onset the tracks contort, distend and compress all propelled by beat work extracted from the wonky, house and garage camps. As with all Lizon's previous work there are moments that can be compared to Boards of Canada but those moments are tastefully fleeting. Lizon is adept at bending and blending which is proven by how effortlessly he integrates multiple juxtapositional elements together. Somewhat akin in stylistic theory to some of Fourtet's early work however with a denser cinematic pallet. We're willing to bet that Lizon had a plan for "A Lucid Dream Kit" all along: Put on those headphones just before slumber and see what the evening brings...

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