quench - caipruss

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The highly prolific Dutch duo of Don and Roel Funcken drop another album of all new material via their Quench moniker. Their 5th Quench album and second for n5MD entitled Caipruss starts where 2002s Dyn (u-cover) left off and hotwires the Quench blueprint for further digital mutation. Those already acclimated to their many projects (Funckarma, Quench, Shadowhuntaz, Cane…et al) will see a sonic shift from their past Quench ethos. All but a ghost of the long stretched out percussion is present swapped out for more alien double-time broken “funck” reminiscent of the Funckarma mother-ship’s previous output. Not to re-draw the blueprint altogether, still present are the long emotional pads which hold together the Funcken’s dense cybernetic beats and elastic bass-work. Caipruss may be the perfect intersection of all of the Funcken’s projects mangled together into one album. A true treat for fans of any, and or all of their projects, plus a perfect jumping off point for newcomers to this highly original duo’s body of work.

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