PCM - Dreamland - Transparent Yellow LP

  • Cat No : 323
  • Label : n5MD
12" Vinyl


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Dreamland is an ambitious project, built as the ideal soundtrack for each stage of sleep. A journey through the deepest self, capable of exploring the remote corners of the unconscious. The three Milanese musicians have crafted an ambient gem composed of layered sounds that fit together perfectly, like crisp bed sheets. Following 'Attraverso' and 'Macro,' 'Dreamland' is PCM's newest album, in which the theme shifts from the intracellular world of 'Macro' to the world of dreams. The album was conceived to be the soundtrack for the different stages of sleep that humans experience every day. The attention and objective of the album were to try to translate the hazy pre-sleep sensations into concrete musical tracks. To introduce and conclude the work, the first and last tracks feature samples taken from a lecture by physicist Richard P. Feynman, just like dozing off while watching a movie on the couch: a slow drifting into sleep until the alarm brings us back to reality.

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