ILUITEQ + Lorenzo Montana - Kata Metron - White LP

  • Cat No : 326
  • Label : n5MD
12" Vinyl


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Katà Métron" is a collaborative ambient album by Italian artists ILUITEQ and Lorenzo Montanà, drawing inspiration from Greek mythology. ILUITEQ, influenced by Ancient Greek culture, explores the concept of "Katà Métron," emphasizing living in harmony with oneself and nature. The term signifies the importance of a balanced life, contrasting the prevalent inclination to exceed limits for profit, neglecting the consequences of this insatiable pursuit.

Lorenzo Montanà, renowned for his extensive career and collaborations with artists like Pete Namlook, was approached by ILUITEQ due to admiration for his textural approach to ambient music. Intrigued by the Greek mythology concept, Montanà joined the collaboration, bringing his expertise to shape ILUITEQ's sound. The resulting album explores novel musical territories, merging meticulously crafted rhythms, melodic echoes, and tranquil ambient soundscapes.

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