Lorenzo Montanà - VION - Transparent Red LP

  • Cat No : 327
  • Label : n5MD
12" Vinyl


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Lorenzo Montanà is an Italian composer, sound engineer, and producer known for his extensive career in music. His latest album, "Vion," is his 29th and marks his first solo project with n5MD, an electronic music label based in Oakland. Montanà has a diverse musical background spanning electronic, ambient, jazz, classical, and rock genres, with over 40 albums to his credit.

"Vion" initially started with jazz drum patterns but evolved into a blend of experimental electronica and ambient sounds. Montanà's compositions on the album are characterized by dynamic details and a mix of light and melancholic tones, reflecting his unique style.

His musical journey began in the 90s and includes notable works like his debut solo album "Black Ivy" (2009) and collaborations with artists such as Pete Namlook, Yamaoka, ILUITEQ, and Alio Die. Montanà has also contributed to soundtracks for films like The Hunger Games and Blade Runner 2049.

"Vion" showcases Montanà's ongoing exploration and creativity in electronic music with this special edition on transparent red vinyl.

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