to destroy a city - SUNLESS

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  • Label : n5MD
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Sophomore albums can be a tough proposition, often created in a much shorter time span than the years of refinement most debut albums receive. Chicago based trio To Destroy A City dropped such a perfected debut in 2011 that fans have collectively held their breath for the follow-up. However, unlike some artists who rush into the studio to complete their sophomore release, TDAC has taken nearly three years to craft their follow-up: SUNLESS. The time and effort shows in the nine meticulously crafted tracks. At times SUNLESS is more electronic leaning than its predecessor, yet is still punctuated with sheets of glacially cinematic guitar-work. Intricate electronic beats give way to propulsive live drumming. The synths, while more prominent this time out, fit effortlessly into the TDAC framework. SUNLESS is an album of contrasting moods, though the trio transitions between these moods more gently than their peers. Is SUNLESS 'better' than the trio's debut? Both are equally strong, which is no small feat. But one thing is for sure: it is a move onward and upward into an expansiveness that they have only hinted at previously. A must-have for fans of God is an Astronaut, Hammock, port-royal and Lights Out Asia.

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