ruxpin - we become ravens

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[Compact Disc Version] Icelandic electronic musician Jonas Thor Gudmundsson brings us the 8th Ruxpin full-length by way of his latest "We Become Ravens". The album should be considered a continuation of 2013s critically heralded album "This Time We Go Together". The story follows a duo of wanderers finding each other and traveling through life - hand in hand without roots. A 'love conquers all' theme which has been a highly embraced motif in his more recent works.

'We become Ravens' consists of 15 electronica vignettes which craftily utilize synthetic soundscapes, memorable melodies, timeless introspection and Gudmundsson's signature electronically infused beats. Having been an integral part of the Icelandic Electronic music scene since his debut album in 1999. 'We Become Ravens' is a pinnacle release by a well seasoned veteran of electronic music's fringes.

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