the american dollar - a memory stream

  • Cat No : ym003
  • Label : Yesh
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Pensive, melodic embroideries with dulcet beats and ambient tones are the components that make The America Dollar's music magnetic. The duo of multi-instrumentalists and multi-faceted artisans John Emanuele and Rich Cupolo have returned with their latest offering, A Memory Stream, the follow up to their 2007 record, The Technicolor Sleep. The two friends started this music project in 2005, and today, they pride themselves on being able to attract fans that come from different sectors of music, including one fan whom they acknowledged in a recent press release, that liked System of a Down. It's the sign of a mega-star when fans from different areas of the music spectrum flock to a particular point, and The American Dollar's star is becoming one of those points. Each song has its own billowing dynamics and glowstick patterns that cause the movements to light up and go dim along the chord progressions. The melodies are like skillfully conducted laser-light shows with sections that magnify the electrolytes to a baseball stadium fluorescence and fade to a shadowy luminescence. Each song is as good as the next showcasing spectacular feats in the movements and cinescopic dimensions built by the soundwaves. The American Dollar's music shows a propensity for ethereal tones liken to The Color Wheels, a craftsmanship for imaginary landscapes with symbolically ringed notations sharing this instinct with Sigur Ros, and valves that open the passages to kindling wavelets of tranquility displaying a sensitivity resembling Explosions in the Sky. The transitions linking the areas of active flux with laid back surfs in The American Dollar's music have a kinship with Shapes Stars Make, always keeping a nice fluidity and polished artistic impressions. The duo's layering of conventional instruments like the guitar, drums, and bass with electronic enhancements, made for an album that has a temporal pitch embossed in supernatural hues. The dewy synth-flaked hazes have a classic ambient touch with chord bolts that streak through them etching a gorgeous penmanship. It is one of those albums that if you knew how to make, you would. The American Dollar's balance of earthy and airy tones is attractive. The duo do not lean more on one side than the other, which makes the graphic images permeating from their songs resound with a human voicing while piped in idealistic aesthetics.

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