last days - sea

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  • Label : n5MD
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RESTOCK!!! Last Days' debut Sea brings to mind all those last moments of events in ones life. Moments which yield those confused emotions that endings and their subsequent beginnings bring. Sea has an implied lo-fi cinematic quality which makes it feel like the soundtrack to an old super-8 movie you may have stored in the attic, the only things missing are the musty smell of the cardboard box that the movies have been in all these years and the warm clatter of the old projector. The music on "Sea" is just that emotive, to conjure up such visual detail to how you are feeling. A slightly new direction for n5MD, Sea is neither strictly electronic nor acoustic. Last Day's utilizes both elements to conjure up a sound that is somewhat minimal yet musically rich, much like the more introspective moments of Port-Royal (Resonant) or Deaf Center (Type) 'Sea', is somewhat of a concept album about escaping modern life and all responsibilities that come with it. Based on mood and song titles "Sea" has a narrative running through it describing the foolish exploits of one disillusioned character as he recklessly travels north alone on a boat only to be lost, found and rescued but fearful that the urge to flee society and be alone again still remains. "Sea" is a beautiful, emotionally honest album that helps you remember all those last moments or even a way to escape them but if for a moment.

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