diamat - being is the sum of appearing

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  • Label : n5MD
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"Being is the sum of appearing" is the debut album from the Euro-electronica trio diamat. Founded by Attilio Bruzzone (co-founder and composer of port-royal) and Andrea Zangrandi in the Fall of 2011 during port-royal's Russian tour. The duo later added long time friend Christos Garmpidakis (dergar). As one might suspect the album features Bruzzone's brand of lush melancholic electronic music with Garmpidakis and Zangrandi providing some extra (and all important) texture to the songs which give the track a certain shimmer that represents the harmonic fusion of these three individuals. At times the proceedings can get quite cavernous yet shimmering at the same time, atmospherically structured and chaotically fused, while remaining firmly in the four-on-the-floor ambient-techno realm when things do get moving can induce some much liberated hip shaking. Add in an abundance of delayed guitars and synths of all sorts, plenty of layers of sound to drown in, powerful yet polished electronic beats and some undeniably sophisticated structures you'll be able to envision the essence of this record. A great debut from a trio to watch.

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