OKADA - Floating Away From the World

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n5MD is proud to bring you OKADA's 5th album Floating Away From The World. This new album which is the first created after Gregory Pappas' road-trip from Mobile Alabama to his newly adopted home of Seattle, Washington. As the title might suggest this move and subsequent album both figuratively and literally involves forms of escapism. As all previous OKADA works this album is filled with four epic length works that take their time to unfold, envelop and yes, float the listener away from the world. Those familiar with OKADA's work will find his beat-work as an anchor to provide a sense of tangibility to the ambience. This time out the vocal flourishes he commonly uses feel more human, less processed, and delivered more as answers than pleas. His adept use of string work on Floating Away From The World boosts the mood and is a natural fit. The album could be seen as sitting somewhere between the syrupy calm of Division of Self and his more recent ode to relationships Love Telepathic. Floating Away From the World is out Jan 27th on n5MD.

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