fibla - liants

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Fibla is back, and this is one of the best news 2007 can bring: we’re meeting up with one of the most important artists in the Spanish electronic scene again and one with the greatest international projection. In these times of musical lack of enthusiasm, it’s a genuine pleasure to find out there are still some artists willing to be faithful to themselves, to surprise us and give us moments of real pleasure. Seven years after his debut for Sub Rosa/Quatermass label, “Landscopes”, and four years since the 2003 release of his second album “Lent” on his own imprint spa.RK, Fibla’s intrincate melodies and distintive rhytmic patterns were highly missed. Althought he never stopped working during this period, remixing Dorian, Sizzla –unreleased because of artistic disagreement- or Vladislav Delay; being remixed by Lusine or Ola Bergman; appearing on compilations (with Plaid, Funkstörung), labels (Expanding, Benbecula, Underscan) and collaborations (from Miqui Puig to Jahbitat). Stealing minutes from his leisure time, slowly but surely, Fibla made this “Liants”. “Liants” is no doubt the most personal and unorthodox record by Fibla, perhaps the most intimate, and at the same time the record in which his ideas appear in the clearest and more accessible way, as if coming from someone who is really in control of his creative tools. The usual rhodes, xylophones and strings works in an essentially digital context but all in the poppiest record that Fibla ever made; that pop heritage that, distilled and deconstructed, takes a new, etherial and abstract shape on this “Liants”. A record created in a true-loving way, pampering the sounds and surpassing the usual catalogue of current electronic tendencies, that encloses small gems full of melancholic and evocative atmospheres of sunny mediterranean afternoons. Unhurried music, precisely in the times we are living. With no immediate effects, but long-life music. And a great reward too.

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