another electronic musician - patience

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  • Label : n5MD
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Another Electronic Musician follows up last years 'Use' (n5MD) with his sophomore outing 'Patience.' Never one to rest on his laurels or repeat himself, Jase Rex (Another Electronic Musician) has pushed beyond 'Use' to a place where the breadth of his sound has eclipsed expectations for an artists second full-length. Previous comparisons to Pole and Lusine are still present, but only in the very ends of their reverberation. "Patience" is a very dense album, culled from 36 original tracks, 10 of which where destroyed to create 'Patience's seamless journey. While still being playable track by track the album starts with the positive urban ambiance of "Waking at Noon" and ends with the intense hornet's swarm of "Pay," 'Patience' delivers exceptional forward movement without the use of overtly propelling beats or bass lines. Something akin to standing still as urban inhabitants pass you by at hyper-speed. 'Patience' is equally blurry and defined, if you utilize its virtues you will be rewarded by the vast spaces between..

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