eedl - everse (12")

  • Cat No : sp14lp
  • Label : spa.RK
12" Vinyl


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A few years ago we discovered a hidden jewel in Barcelona when, on the occasion of Fibla’s first album launch party at the Apolo, two guys approached the stage after the show, inviting Fibla to their studio to reveal to him the music they were working on. Four years ago we certified that Eedl were not a common thing in the Spanish electronic scene: not only their musical references were well beyond what was around them, but their production skills could kick the asses of many low frequency experimentalists and other electronic dilettantes. Their first record “Parallemped EP”, released on vinyl only, confirmed that our suspicions were true and not coincidentally gathered more interest outside the Spanish territory, being demanded by Funckarma to remix reggae-star Sizzla on Metatronix, by dutch On label for their “Tured in Been” compilation or by several new Spanish electronica labels. Eedl have worked hard to offer something that shouldn’t be so rare, but still amaze us: clarity in their point of view, concretion and exquisiteness in the details. Miguel and Joan have kept researching in their music, with an almost obsessive devotion for production and sound refinement, and the result is this magnificent album called “Everse”: a collection of tracks that comprises exquisite electronic music, unyielding melodies, non obliging electro and noise harmonies; where nothing is superfluous and everything fits perfectly. A combination of two voices that complement each other, creating music of multiple uses, music that rapidly finds its way into our mental hard disk. Finest digitalist production, made in Barcelona. No doubt, there’s also a lot of heart in it. Limited vinyl edition of debut album "Everse"

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