kattoo - megrim

  • Cat No : y747
  • Label : Hymen
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if the first kattoo album, 'places' (released a year ago), can be seen as a soundtrack to an imaginary tv movie then this second album could be described as a major blockbuster's soundtrack. although 20 tracks are displayed on your cd player, 'megrim' should be enjoyed as one long 'track' consisting of 20 'parts' - without any pauses in between; a self-contained work of art. once again, volker kahl's preference for classical music, well-placed samples, field recordings, clutching melody lines, varying rhythmic textures, drama and melancholy melt into a uniqueness that at times seems almost impossible. on 'megrim', stylistic eclecticism is less ostensible. the integration of different cultures (for example: using aramaic and japanese voices) best describe the path katto is currently taking. but maybe this is just a theory - the artist volker kahl does not share much information, kattoo's music shall be the message. electronic chamber music for the eclectic listener.

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