terminal11 - self exorcism

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  • Label : Hymen
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"self exorcism has ended up being an adjustment to my thought processes so the act of producing music remains a cathartic release without becoming a mentally taxing obligation. though it was not the initial intention, the three years it's taken to produce this music has shown me a way to truly enjoy making music and how to finally create from a place that's not fueled by anger and pain without sacrificing intensity, passion, or complexity. this album marks the end of destructive patterns and self imposed limitations." (mike castaneda / terminal11)
< terminal11's recent release walks a fine line between a sedentary, static obsession and a trip to clubland, managing to pull off both conditions simultaneously with no compromise on either side. the three years of work on this album adds up to a well-balanced combination of topical breakcore and vexing electro influenced tracks, compelling in any environment. straightforward dancefloor oriented grooves, oscillating deep basses, granular textures and abstract melodies are strewn throughout the album, appended with precisely sampled sound fragments. after a peculiar change of speed, all these elements are layered over deep electro loops and subtly glitched 4/4 beats that glue everything together. a propulsive record that will completely mess with your mind and force you to get on your feet - constructive and frantic at the same time. play loud.

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