tonikom - the sniper's veil

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  • Label : Hymen
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after attracting attention with two cd-r releases, tonikom was signed by hymen records; epoch was the first result. two years later, the sniper's veil displays this artist's evolution and improvement.'temporarius delerium' invites the listener in with angelic voices, mighty bass pulses and a looped chant, just before a pounding breakbeat takes over and calls the shots for the album. pushing technoid textures carry beautiful electronica themes, sampled field recordings add a cinematic ambiance to the diversified, straight rhythmic foundation covering a range of downtempo, trip hop, breakbeat and fast chthonian four-to-the-floor cadences. with the atmospheric 'look but never touch' the album comes full circle - to start all over again... a varied and monolithic opus designed for a maximum amount of body activity, letting you groove continuously in a higher state of blissful flow.

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