winter north atlantic - a memento for dr mori

  • Cat No : boltlp008
  • Label : Boltfish
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Winter North Atlantic's debut Boltfish release A Memento for Dr Mori is a stylish fusion of electronic and acoustic instruments. It’s title is both a play on the Latin term ‘memento mori’, meaning ‘remember you shall die’, and a dedication to Japanese robotics theorist Dr Masahiro Mori, who posited the theory of The Uncanny Valley – a hypothesis on the emotional response of humans to non-human entities, which observed that human-like appearance in robotics is only appealing unto a certain point, at which it becomes eerie and disturbing. Indeed there is a sense of disquiet underscoring the album, through a collision of the natural and the synthetic. Acoustic and instrumental sound sources include electric and acoustic guitars, accordion, melodica, harp, recorder, violin, thumb piano, ukulele, vocals, and recordings of old super 8 projectors and other random noises. These are combined with vintage analogue keyboards, electronic textures and treatments, understated glitchy edits and downbeat broken beats inspired by IDM and abstract hip hop.

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