rezo glonti - budapest

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  • Label : Dronarivm
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Budapest, the second album from Georgian producer, Rezo Glonti, is a lush record of essence and space. Named after the street in Tbilisi where the artist writes and records, Glonti’s latest offering utilises electric guitar, analogue and digital synths, modular set-up, guitar effects and cassette field recordings to create a hypnotic ether. Sweeps of synth punctuated by jolts of guitar, background whispers, smothered rhythms or key lines make for a revelatory listen. Subtle surprises surface; tape scratch, noises from a distant factory, aural flashbacks of an acid rave some time ago. The use of percussion on the album provides a pulse to steer through uncertain terrains; illusory or concrete. Budapest sprawls and is also adrift in a cohesive flux. The album’s attention to detail makes perceptions feel heightened and indistinct at the same time. Blissful and brooding sounds intertwine, at times creating an intoxicating effect. Things take on slightly different shapes and colours; streets bend and appear in the wrong cities.

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