m.o.a.t.a. - omen & the rorschach garden - frantic sessions

  • Cat No : act333
  • Label : Ant-Zen
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14 tracks, ten of which are yet unreleased, successfully revive all the energy and creative enthusiasm of the actual recording. 'frantic sessions' covers a range of different styles, held together by a dynamic pulsation, a captivating flow of sounds. if you expect more 'hit' material like 'ash nazg', you won't be disappointed: 'every nude gets in action', 'oversterilization' and 'alles ist nichts!' are just as on-spot hard, with aggressive vocals, a landslide of dirty bass and actual beats. then there are more leftfield tracks, like the uneasy ambience of 'inside' or 'pashas delight (dub)' or the outright noise blast of 'nerves'. '(y)our nightmares' is best filed under angst pop (a term widely unknown in the 1990s), and 'drop it!' is a surprising excursion into metal dance ebm. all the music is executed with a very authentic and genuine approach, bearing the inimitable charm of a gifted production with limited equipment. 'the frantic sessions' will warm the industrial lover's heart - and find a new contemporary audience as well!

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