loss - i am but the sum of my conditions

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loss was created by american artist dan fox out of the need for an outlet. all of loss' work is forged from life experiences built around the concepts of love, hate, sorrow, failure and a strong stance against racism. starting with his own musical experiments in the early 1990s it took years of trial and error until the first release 'a letter that will never be sent' saw the light of day in 2004, followed by the highly acclaimed album 'i kill everything' and the vinyl single 'you are what eats you'. since the beginning loss stood out among other artists of the genre by adding a brutally emotional edge to his music, as his main influence besides industrial projects like numb, synapscape, gridlock and mental destruction continues to be the person dan fox itself using his music as a safe and productive way to deal with the demons inside of him.

the first loss release for seven years is thematically based on the artist's personal experience with his compromised mental state, covering relationships, love, waiting for answers to some of his medical questions, and his quality of life. hardware and software synthesizers, effects, live drums and percussion, live guitar, various methods of sound manipulation and processed vocals have been used to achieve the unique combination of power electronics, dark ambient, and rhythmic noise loss is known for. besides that, mr. fox has the musical chops and emotional nuance the be able to stretch beyond these genres and add in a large amount of catchy melodic lines, splicing together heavily distorted aggression and perfectly orchestrated melancholy.

'i am but the sum of my conditions' is an emotionally intense personal statement by an exceptional artist where sheer force is combined with captivating atmospheres: entrancing, hypnotic and monumental in scope and power - an unforgettable listening experience.

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