arovane - tides

  • Cat No : towerblock01
  • Label : City Centre Offices
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After finding that Arvoane has come out of his slumber we found a few copies of this great 'standalone release' from Arovane. A now classic release featuring some guitar work from Christian Kleine and the ever talented man behind the Arovane moniker, Uwe Zahn.

Here is what CCO had to say about Tides back in the day:
Arovane aka Uwe Zahn, who had recorded CCO's first ever release, was also responsible for the first full-length. Walking around a park in Berlin during the summer of 1999 he told us of his idea for an album which would act as a counterpoint to his "Atol Scrap" full-lengther for the Din label, a record he had just completed. Some weeks later and a package turned up with some track sketches - flowing with layered harpsichord's and slowed down beats, inspired by a long vacation in France and decorated with Christian Kleine's neon guitar, we fast reached a tracklisting for our very first album - Tides.

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