the travel - nyctophobia

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Mike Redman is a busy man. The renowned filmmaker, visual artist and record producer keeps himself occupied at all times. While his recently well received ‘Voodoom’ project (a collaboration between Bong-Ra and Redman’s Deformer) is still hot out the oven, he already has a new project to his name: ‘The Travel’.

Redman introduced the audience to The Travel a few years ago when a track was featured on the ‘Songs of charcoal’ compilation. Now a whole album will be released in September. Where Redman usually arouses international crowds with Deformer’s electronic violence, The Travel goes in depth with dark, at times oppressive and claustrophobic tracks with a high content of movie soundtrack influence. A direct result is that some tracks are already adopted by several American filmmakers. ‘Oppressive’ would make a great sub-genre for music like this. The tracks are musical fever dreams on transit and seem to struggle to stay on the right path. The album title is fitting: Nyctophobia, which includes fear of darkness. With The Travel, live instrumentation engages dialogue with Redman’s productional skills and ominous sound design thickened with ‘found sounds’. Nyctophobia generates images when you listen to it and takes you on a journey through darkness...

Equally striking is the stunning artwork created by legendary Grammy winner and founder of Living Colour, Vernon Reid.

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