the micronaut - forms

  • Cat No : acker006
  • Label : Acker
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The Micronaut creates the soundtrack for those moments when the screeching of the subway and the steps on the wet pavement have echoed away into the dark city sky; Those moments when the ghosts of fumes and stop lights haunt the empty streets, when behind glowing windows dreams and urban exit strategies get ready for bed; When everybody is close to each other, but everyone is on his own; When the city comes to a standstill, but the wheels inside the heads of its inhabitants keep spinning. Stefan Streck discovers the musical equivalent for this epic atmosphere somewhere between bass music, electronica and pop. The cinematic soundscapes of his nocturnal city blues have a somewhat tragic vibe, which is very noticeable both during the impulsive, passionate live shows of The Micronaut and on Forms, his third studio album on Acker Records. Between moments of deep melancholy and sudden eruptions of blissful euphoria, he creates a feverish state of tension. Features Saskia Arndt, Sebastian Bode, Laura Deadelow, I Am Halo and Robert Groos-Albouts.