the fun years - god was like, no

  • Cat No : brg009
  • Label : Barge Recordings
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With God Was Like, No The Fun Years continue to experiment with turntable and guitar while retaining a sound that listeners have grown to recognize as an infectious, memorable style. God Was Like, No is not dissimilar from what you would expect from Cambridge/Madison-based The Fun Years, although upon deeper listening, the subtleties of a well-seasoned group further developing their sound begins to take hold. Ben and Isaac haven't lived in the same city for several years, so their recording sessions have necessarily become less frequent yet more focused. Splitting time between Ben's makeshift recording studios and Isaac's bedroom tomb, The Fun Years spent marathon recording sessions constructing, blurring and honing their sound. These sessions, coupled with some adventurous road tests performing the pieces in such uncharted venues as an air traffic control tower and the guts of a Richard Serra sculpture, gives God Was Like, No a rich patina seldom heard in new experimental recordings. Refining an already exceptional formula is a tough thing to do and The Fun Years -- masters at their craft -- tread these waters with ease.

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