terminal 11 - fractured sunshine

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"lately i've surrendered to the idea that i have very little [to] say in what comes out when i produce. i have "technique" and "arsenal" of ideas but truly no control over the end product. i think of it as soul music! a true love for uncontrollable soul music. gut instinct that drives it wherever it decides to go! no decision to "make a track" or "produce an album" but instead i surrender myself to soul! (i hope some of this makes sense... perhaps i can explain it better in person accompanied by drinks one day)" (mike castaneda / terminal11)once, terminal11's music was described as: "it's like hearing a drum machine for the very first time." this description does seem like the perfect definition of mike castaneda's sound - especially after listening to his compilation appearances and the brilliant 'illegal nervous habits' cd. the term 'beats' is re-defined by the sound maniac from arizona. a whirl of samples, time lapse meters and black hole like compression of track structures - "terminal 11’s sounds roams in an accelerated twilight zone where music turns into data and data turns into music" (jason forrest). on 'fractured sunshine' all this madness is present, but castaneda has straightened out everything a tiny bit. 'counter clockwise chant pattern' f.e. has a song like structure - including a 'bridge' and some sort of 'chorus'. however, terminal11 has re-built the patterns of today's popular music into something new. this is far beyond 'academic electronic music' where only sound itself counts; you can always hear the human being behind the knobs that are being pushed. this music arrogates intransigently - it has to be listened to. sure this is not 'easy listening' based on today's standards, but it is indeed soul music - have a try, you won't regret it!

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