tangent - transience

  • Cat No : ta082
  • Label : Tympanik Audio
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After their first album ‘1mk2’ was released to critical acclaim in early 2013 on Mindtrick Records, the Dutch duo Tangent is ready to present their latest masterpiece ‘Transience’ with Tympanik Audio. Haunting tones echo throughout vast soundscapes of serendipitous melodies and sparse beat-work creating a virtual universe of sounds and moods. Matter is formed and collapsed at the same time, while a new universe is created from the ashes of a previous one. Static from lost transmissions projected through space eloquently expand and contract amidst floating particles of lullabies gently flowing through placid clamor. Carefully cultivated and positively engrossing, Tangent‘s new works seep into the subconscious and create macrocosms within the inner space. An album not to be missed by lovers of complex ambient works.

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