syl kougai - ΙΧΘΥΣ extended

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  • Label : Hymen
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Following the release ΙΧΘΥΣ, which was described by the distinguished project Plaid (Warp Records) as a ‘Most excellent album’ and selected as the best album of 2015 by Touched Music, DSPH Sounds, Dmute and Lostinsound, ΙΧΘΥΣ Extended is, as the title suggests, the extension of a startling opus. It is a collection of 16 alternative versions and unreleased tracks from the same era and includes some of ΙΧΘΥΣ's key titles like ‘Corvus’, ‘Opale Verniss’ or ‘Ether’ in re-interpreted and transformed versions.

There is a lot of depth to explore in this album, revealing itself over multiple listens, especially in the new and unexpected aspects of the astounding re-worked tracks. A stylistically wide range of contemporary electronics between experimental soundscapes and beat-oriented melodic tunes, along with partial use of vocoder-processed vocals generate perplexing one-of-a-kind mood changes. The coexistence of sonic density and skeletal minimalism create a continuous arc of suspense which is a trademark for Syl Kougaï's singular composition skills. ΙΧΘΥΣ Extended displays a yet undiscovered part of a very personal universe - accept the invitation.

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