Styrofoam - We Can Never Go Home

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  • Label : Sound In Silence
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Sound in Silence is pulling out all the stops with a new release from Styrofoam. This new album titled We Can Never Go Home is his first in 8 years. While it is the followup to Disco Synthesizers & Daily Tranquilizers, We Can Never Go Home is somewhat of an oxymoron as Arne Van Petegem the man behind Styrofoam takes the project back to its early Morr Music tone. Gone is the overt flavor-of-the month-pop-vocalists, uneasy autotune explorations and indie rock dabblings of the "Nettwerk Years". We Can Never go Home is pure, warm, and memorable Kosmische leaning electronica. It's good to hear Van Petegem's return home.

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