slow dancing society - the sound of lights when dim

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  • Label : Hidden Shoal
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The critically acclaimed debut album by Slow Dancing Society (aka Drew Sullivan), The Sound of Lights When Dim, is finally re-issued by Hidden Shoal (along with The Slow and Steady Winter and Priest Lake Circa ’88). Originally released in 2006, the album is a sumptuous unfolding ride towards a fading horizon, exuding all the qualities of an ambient classic while forging its own musical and emotional path. As with Brian Eno’s finest moments and David Sylvian’s ambient explorations, this work manages to dissolve its temporal markers and speak about moments removed from time. It talks to the delicious flaws of memory and feeling while never sullying itself with literality or simple documentation. The Sound of Lights When Dim has provided a pivotal touchstone for Sullivan’s ensuing releases, on which its presence and inspiration can be felt throughout. The album has received high praise from its initial release and has gathered a huge amount of interest from press and fans alike.

“Slow Dancing Society’s (Washington-based musician Drew Sullivan) The Sound of Lights When Dim is one of the most beautiful albums I’ve heard in recent days. The moniker and album title alone perfectly capture the music’s tranquil, late-night ambiance. Throughout the fifty-minute set, gentle streams of piano, organ, and guitars float in rapturous slow motion……In the sumptuous opener “Be There,” glissandi guitars rise like creatures towards the light, while, anchored by the lulling rhythm of a recurring ‘tick,’ electric guitars delicately weave throughout “A Song That Will Help You Remember to Forget.” Elsewhere, a repeated folk theme brings “The Warm Familiar Smell of September” closest to conventional songcraft before the slow-burning guitar lament “Lonesome Sentiment” brings the album to a magisterial close…..Despite being magnificently understated, The Sound of Lights When Dim is nothing less than a triumph.” – Textura

“Music is all about moments like this. Moments when you are, unexpectedly, knocked over and stunned into submission by an album that has, quite literally, come from nowhere.....“The Sound of Lights When Dim” is a deeply affecting, consistently excellent effort of stunning tranquillity and beautiful ambience, that demands repeated listening.” - Boring Machines Disturbs Sleep

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