slow dancing society - the slow and steady winter

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Slow Dancing Society’s sophomore classic “The Slow and Steady Winter” is now re-issued by Hidden Shoal along with “The Sound of Lights When Dim” and “Priest Lake Circa ’88”. From the outset “The Slow and Steady Winter” sets itself up to be an epic. Clocking in at over an hour long and comprising of only eight tracks the album paints its majestic landscapes with both measure and purpose, unfolding a sound that moves from immersive ambient evocations to beatific bliss rock. “The Slow and Steady Winter” is not concerned with singularity but rather the totality of the listening experience experience. The album is a gorgeously choreographed chronicle of a Spokane winter from the ice covered fields of ‘The Early Stages of Decline’ to the thawed warm edges of spring in ‘February Sun’. The album serves as a wonderful progression from Slow Dancing Society’s previous work both in sound and mood. In part it presents a much darker vision while still radiating an ineffable sense of humanity and heart.

“Slow Dancing Society continue the ambience started in the stellar debut The Sound of Lights When Dim… a notable accomplishment. In a genre convoluted with artists, it is difficult to make a name for oneself and with just two albums Sullivan has done just that.” – The Silent Ballet

“The mesmerising ambience of Slow Dancing Society is the work of one man, Washington-based Drew Sullivan. The Slow Steady Winter is an exquisite journey of dark, cold, and occasionally isolating and unsettling soundscapes. The album begins with the epic ‘The Early Stages of Decline’, more than 15 minutes of layered textures which makes you feel as if you are walking alone through a fierce blizzard… ‘Never Ending’, with its organ swells and delicate guitar twangs, sees the sun making its way through the thick grey clouds for the first time in weeks… The glistening finale ‘February Sun’ is bathed in sunlight, and is a blissful track to end the album.″ - Time Off

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