sleepmakeswaves - ...and so we destroyed everything

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  • Label : Monotreme
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Sleepmakeswaves is a melodic instrumental rock quartet from Sydney, Australia, and this debut album made such an impact in their homeland that it was nominated for an Aria -- Australia's equivalent of the Grammys. There is a symphonic transcendence to the band's sound that encompasses a wide variety of colours - ranging from ambient soundscapes, to soaring melodic hooks and moments of dark, brooding intensity, electronic layers interwoven with slow-burning builds, churning metallic riffs segueing into beautifully lush melodies, wistful strings blossoming out of neo-folk marches. They have spent most of the past 2 years touring the world and have earned a devoted following for their innovative and expansive music, coupled with an electrifying live show. Monotreme Records bring their genre-shattering sound to a global audience with this release which is available as a deluxe 2CD edition including 9-track bonus disc, “...and then they remixed everything”.

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