scott solter - one river

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  • Label : Hidden Shoal
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One River is the sophomore solo outing by Scott Solter, originally released on Tell-All Records in 2005 and now lovingly re-released by Hidden Shoal Recordings. Solter is well known for his extraordinary work as a producer for the likes of John Vanderslice, Mountain Goats, Superchunk, Pattern Is Movement and Liam Singer, to name a few. He is also a member of Boxharp and The Ballustrade Ensemble.

As its name suggests, One River comprises an unhalted flow across its seven tracks. The album’s textural undercurrents bring the music to life, its surface showing the muted effects of slowly brewing, submerged energy. It is this alchemical approach that gives One River such a haunting presence - the listener feels the presence of sonic ghosts, witnessing the echoes of something far removed from their origins and their original form.

“If you can imagine the pure abstraction of middle C, without the intermediation of breath or fingers touching strings or any effort at all, that’s essentially the sound of One River.” - Dusted

“a mixture of heavily processed guitars, field recordings, and manipulated voices (provided by Wendy Allen) - comparable to Brian Eno. Seven songs run seamlessly together, each inhaling and exhaling tone after tone... landscape imagery comes to mind in every song, making listening to this record not so like hearing a story as taking a journey.” - Pitchfork

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