saffronkeira - tourette

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  • Label : Denovali
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Only half a year after his impressive debut, SaffronKeira returns with another concept album, entitled "Tourette". While "A New Life" dealt with transition, maturation, the white and black parts of life, the common theme of "Tourette" seem to be neurological diseases. And indeed, it is not difficult to imagine the vast neural network of the human brain while listening to "Tourette", to visualize how electric impulses switch from neuron to neuron, follow various paths in the cerebral cortex, spread and recombine and eventually are lead astray or possible meet a damaged nerve cell. Eugenio Caria manages to capture the complexity, fragility and inscrutability of these processes in his usual mixture of very abstract electronic parts on the one hand and extremly warm layers of sound on the other hand. Finishing with the epic "The Hope", "Tourette" leaves the listener in a puzzled situation, as he soon realises that it poses more questions than answers. For fans of FENNESZ, MURCOF, MAX RICHTER, ARVO PART, etc.

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