sabi/kiyo - 71:36

  • Cat No : fint001
  • Label : Force Intel
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Mille Plateaux proudly presents sister-label Force Intel, which will cover great music that is simply not experimental enough for Mille Plateaux. Force Intel will take care of the sound that is usually called IDM. Sabi (aka Taro Peter Little) and Kiyo (Kiyoshi Ono) are two long-standing producers on the Tokyo electronic scene, but hardly recognized outside Japan so far. 71:36 is split in two halves: ambient IDM, sometimes with an organic piano touch in the first five tracks by Sabi. Here, the epic "Sleepy Emerald" stands out. Orchestral, rhythmic and atmospheric, this is one of the best ambient IDM tracks in recent memory. "Om" is a beautiful, quiet piano-based track. The fifth track could be a soundtrack to a science fiction movie -- you can almost hear the image of a new sun being born. The second half has the Kiyo tracks and is strictly IDM -- rhythmic and with experimental, often glitchy sounds, but still enjoyable even to less advanced IDM listeners. Simply put: just great IDM with remixes by a line of excellent IDM producers including Julien Neto, Kettel, Richard Devine and Machine Drum.

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