sabi - glued on thin memories

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  • Label : Boltfish
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Glued on Thin Memories is Sabi's first release on Boltfish Recordings and his debut solo full-length CD release. It ranges widely in style and pace, from electronica and IDM tracks to ambient pieces and processed piano interludes. However, despite this diversity, the album retains a strong sense of continuity throughout. Many of the tracks are seamlessly mixed into one another and are held together by common sonic characteristics, most notably an organic quality to the sounds and arrangements, a warmth and depth to the tones and textures, and a highly developed use of melody and harmonic progression. Tracks such as Halfspine, Screaming Bulb and Mote Diver are classic melodic electronica, mixing glowing synth lines with crunchy beats and clicky rhythms. The title track and Burning on a Tiny Black Lake are more minimal, fuzzy and melancholy piano melodies emerging from a bed of static and granular textures. Suspended Monks, Blurred Bolt and Signals Left are lushly textured ambient tracks, layering piano with processed field recordings and drones, whilst Three Blind Queens in Cyan blends found sounds and grainy textures with atmospheric synthesizer chords, pads and discrete rhythmic elements. The album also features Sabi’s remix of the track Mano by Leon Somov feat. Jazzu.

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