rustie - glass swords

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  • Label : Warp
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Following Rustie’s Warp debut--2010's Sunburst EP--as well as essential remixes for the likes of Jamie Lidell, Kelis, The Big Pink and Nicki Minaj, he emerged as a crown jewel within Glasgow’s already-deep talent pool of genrebusting electronic music producers. The now-classic early releases showcased Rustie's love for obscure Japanese prog-rock, 16-bit video game sonics, icy grime and Detroit techno; creating a vision of the future of rave music. But for Glass Swords, his immensely anticipated, two-years-in-the-making full length debut, Rustie ushers in an otherworldly landscape. Both epic and alien (as the artwork suggests), the rushing neon strains of bright melody and earthquake drums hit you after a brief intro of beguiling synths and guitar meditations. Building colossal tension and release throughout, from first single (and club favourite) 'Ultra Thizz' to the soaring hooks and basement low end of 'Death Mountain' and 'Cry Flames', his record may well leave permanent marks on your stereo. As the album evolves, skittish hooks and warm textures sweep in and out of focus without ever losing the warped narrative that effectively joins Glass Swords into a startling cohesive whole. As an album, it's one that doesn't let up and demands repeat listens to fully appreciate the myriad hum-along melodies and wicked production u-turns, and don’t worry about the jittery over-caffeinated feeling you’ll have after listening…it’s to be expected.

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