rist - weekend

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  • Label : Mu-nest
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The stress-free morning air, a breeze, the relaxing distant sounds and ambling clouds, a close friend, good coffee, a good book… the simplest, unassuming, undemanding pleasures of life distilled into the finest melodies that course through you like beautiful, ethereal tourists, lifting you in a sense of appreciation for all the little pleasures that are often took for granted. Thus is the magic of folktronica duo rist’s debut album weekend, which was amazingly conceived when they were on a week-long vacation, recording one track per day. Like the relaxing tranquility of a well-deserved holiday, weekend showcases 10 tracks of ethereally entrancing music that presents the beautiful compositional capabilities of rist, merging heart-warming musical prowess with a delicate, captivating sensibility. An enthralling musical journey filled with layers of dreamy Rhodes and piano, tripping guitars, chromatic glockenspiel, enchanting beats and percussions, peace flute and bright synthesizers. Fusing various instrumental sounds together with expert subtle beat programming, weekend trails the beauty of simplicity, building minimal wondrous soundscapes, bringing a comforting serenity, a calming splendour that gently soothes and charms, drawing from the most subtle sublime touches of urban reality. weekend is a stature of musical excellence that does not enthrall with contrived ostentations, but rather the simple desires for a thoroughly soul-charming, tranquility filled music experience. Also on this album are the masterfully remixed works by some of today’s most esteemed folktronica musicians and composers, namely Taunus from Germany, .tape. from Spain, as well as Greg Davis from the United States, with mastering by Ricks Ang of Kitchen and album jacket design by euseng seto, a.k.a flica. The gorgeous cover photo was taken by April Lee of Kitchen.

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