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After dazzling everyone with his straightforward and accurate forays into the netlabel scene and the active underground (through the Plataforma LTW collective), along with his energetic live shows and remixes (his works for Fibla or Strand) or his contributions on several compilations (on the Yo Gano label with MC Vleizes), spa.RK finally presents the first album by Madrid’s own Rec_Overflow. This fine debut is an overwhelming collection of contemprorary electronic music, one that places him on a leading position among Spanish digitalists artists. Rec_Overflow is a master in language combination, from Miami gitch to hip hop remodification, pluggins abuse or DSP (Digital Sound Processing). His crunchy rhythms, intertwined with a peculiar melody use and those watery rhythm structures, lend his sound a unique personality. A record so full of details that just gets richer every time you listen to it. The fact that the album is called “Madrid” is a declaration of love, or maybe a declaration of principles, and it serves to remark that the Spanish electronic scene enjoys a very productive period and is beginning to gain the recognition it deserves abroad. “Madrid” is a winning bet for those with restless ears, a work with countless readings along the eleven tracks that make up the album.

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