playmodes - plegat

  • Cat No : dis016
  • Label : Discontinurecords
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Surrounded by a rain of hit formulas, harmonic algorithms for tablets, and stacked presets, emerges this Playmodes Ep, the 16th Discontinurecords release, a record of colossal concretion in forms and simple genius regarding contents. We'll notice a creative timbric palette and rhythmical challenges which always end with the feet on the ground.Plegat is presented through 5 cuts surrounded by architectural language, tonal purity, and a crystalline execution of silence. Foldings, atomizations, repetitions, granulations, expansions and compressions. Laboratory perception, calculated processes and fine robotics. The opening of the EP, Temps i Freqüència, introduces an austere and skeletal universe which grows in complexity until it takes us to the unsolvable puzzle of Trencaclosques, hidden under the appearance of a child's game. Fold, probably the track which is closest to the floor of the included in this album, proposes a radical vision of techno, splattered of granular effervescence. Autofunk, an algorithmic nonsense with tints of acid funk, cleans the way for the minimalistic and contemplative universe of Núvol, completing a record which is produced with an excellent attention to details and sound design.. The Motorheidi's remix for Fold squares the circle in a strict sense: it grids the space counterbalancing with pulsating rhythms and a more regular structure. It uses resources from dub as an anchor, fixing the atmospheres which characterize the original version

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