plaid - scintilli

  • Cat No : warpcd215
  • Label : Warp
Compact Disc


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Plaid's music involves emotive riffs that sit proudly over complex syncopated rhythms, the songs have melodic narratives and only rarely is the human voice used to spell these out. Synthetic layers are heaped on, producing euphoric highs at times and uncomfortable dark spaces at others. In the years since their last release, Plaid's time has been spent composing for film and stage as well as touring new and classic works, including performances at Warp Records' 20th anniversary, which lead to developing ideas for their latest album project, Scintilli.. The CD will be available in a 'Muda na Mono' puzzle pack, containing two rings and a CD, which can be suspended from the interlinked rings. When aligned, the sphere created allows the track titles to be read. The packaging gives the CD an ornamental function, beyond its one use as a basic storage device. Scintilli is carved out of a cube on the sleeve's front cover design, then pulled out into a physically impossible Plaid logo on the back. The music will escape the grave this Autumn.

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