peter broderick - all together again

  • Cat No : eratp10cd
  • Label : Erased Tapes
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CD version - There is no end to composer Peter Broderick's creative output, and so we present to you his new album titled All Together Again. They say music takes you on a journey, and this collection of commissioned work by Peter quite literally does that. From a ferry boat ride in Istanbul, to walking down the aisle at a wedding, these songs were created for particular situations, yet Peter found a way to work without any sort of limitations and on his own terms. The result is an assortment of works from the past ten years, coming together as one. The cover art was made by Peter himself in his hometown of Portland, Oregon, by cutting and sticking different colored paper fragments to depict the individuality of each track. Pressed on clear vinyl and available to indie record stores only. Includes Download Card.

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