marihiko hara & polar m - beyond

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It is exactly this longing to go beyond, beyond the solitary musical journey, that brought these two very gifted artists from Kyoto to cross each other’s’ paths. Marihiko Hara and Masumi Muranaka (Polar M), the 2 seasoned musicians from Kyoto, after 10 years of admiring each other works, decided to take on a voyage together, and sailed beyond the charted territories of their music. And thus, the beautiful result from this wonderful voyage - a special collaboration album entitled “Beyond”, was born.

In this album, both artists went beyond their own borders, over their perceived views, across existing ideas and ways of thinking, to allow their emotions to flow freely in the music making process. As a result, Marihiko, with his gorgeous piano touches, and Masumi, with his heart-felt guitars, jointly crafted the 10 delicate, and breath-takingly beautiful music pieces. Traces of elegant post-classical, sweet-sounding folktronica, dreamy ambient, and even blue-ish jazz, can be found in this sound-rich album, with all elements masterfully blended together to create an exquisite music listening experience. Piano melodies that drifted in like fireflies at night, layers of guitars that painted the backdrop soundscapes, drips of tiny electronics, spaces between the notes…. The exquisiteness in music that created by Marihiko and Masumi’s wonderful talents are simply beyond words.

Mia Cabalfin, the renowned contemporary dancer from Philippines, who befriended the artists when they composed the music for her residency performance in Kyoto in 2012, lent her beautiful voice in spoken words for 3 amazing tracks. The album is mastered by Tokyo’s renowned musician and sound engineer, Chihei Hatakeyama, and features photos by prominent Japanese photographer Marisa Shimamoto, and designs by Itsuka Sato of sonihouse.

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