kom - berry white

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  • Label : Denovali
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KOM are back with their first real full length. The new record BERRY WHITE doesn't change their opinion about music and how they want to reach people – but with these new 12 songs they maybe will get the attention of a wider audience they deserve. You still can't talk about 12 single songs because this record again just makes sense if you look at it as a whole piece of art. It's the homogeneity of artwork (handprinted cardboard sleeves for the cd version), lyrics, interludes and the real songs which makes the record unique and outstanding. They still write and play those little pieces of art far away from established genre clichés. You can call it a mixture of indie-rock, singer songwriter or postrock – but all of these bromides don't fit at all. They're very influenced by old 60's film music – but don't sound like that. They like to listen to ROBERT WYATT, HARMONIA or RADIOHEAD – but they don't copy them. They're just KOM – four guys from three cities in Germany who visit a small cottage in the woods every 2nd year to write a new refreshing record

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