Jason Van Wyk - Attachment

  • Cat No : hn088
  • Label : Home Normal
Compact Disc


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Attachment, originally released as a CDr through Eilean Rec. in 2016, was Jason van Wyk's first foray into an ambient/post-classical piano cross-over, and it was met with acclaim, selling out of its limited edition immediately. Quite apart from being a breath of fresh air with its flowing and soulful piano elements, the sound design and lush melodious pads will have you absolutely hooked. After creating a very clean master of Attachment, Home Normal label head Ian Hawgood felt there was another layer to be told in the work, with its close recording techniques, dusty piano tones, and overall warmth. After inviting Jason to release his follow-up on Home Normal, they also agreed that a complete remaster using tapes would be a lovely way of approaching Attachment again.

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