ginormous - the endless procession

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  • Label : Hymen
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for his second album on hymen, the endless procession, ginormous’ bryan konietzko digs deep into a passion for stringed instruments. 'i took electric guitar lessons for years, learning pink floyd solos and jane's addiction and stuff,” notes bryan, whose creative endeavors extend beyond music to being co-creator of the animated tv series avatar: the last airbender. that said, the endless procession is hardly a rock album; it is epic music for the dynamism of a darker, more sinister world. like gridlock, lusine icl and hecq, ginormous commingles razor-like industrial noise with atmospheric sounds, conjuring a macabre, 3-dimensional soundscape that unfolds as each moment passes. a mechanical haunting presence starts the album off on 'begin with the end in mind,' meandering through raucous noise breaks and a hitchcockian piano theme on 'byproducts of stress and boredom,' moments of ambient bliss on 'noctilucent” and ominous strumming hallucinations on 'gleaming rows.'.

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