Gavin Miller - Shimmer

  • Cat No : sis55
  • Label : Sound In Silence
Compact Disc

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Hey, looky here! Its Gavin Miller from worriedaboutsatan. Shimmer is in 6 parts (which really seem like 3 to my ears). The first 3rd showcases Gavin's guitar in a somewhat eluvium-esque looping yet folding. Piano takes the lead on the second 3rd which gives way to some subs and whispers that are reminiscent of worriedaboutsatan albeit beatless. The ending 3rd is a piece for organ, piano, and guitar wrapping Shimmer in a nice little bow. It's nice to hear an album mix ambient and post-rock in this way without drenching everything heavily in reverb and delay ad nauseam. Gavin's guitars and pianos have a more normal attack and decay to them which provide the album with stable forward motion rather than sticking to the current achilles heel of glacial paces and recycled structures that modern ambient has apathetically stalled at.

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