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  • Label : Miasmah
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The latest addition to the Miasmah roster is Oslo-based musician FNS aka Fredrik Ness Sevendal. A veteran of the Oslo experimental scene, Sevendal has been associated with several bands over the years: DEL, Slowburn and Kobi. Additionally, his previous work has involved collaborations with Makoto Kawabata (Acid Mothers Temple), Mitsuru Tabata (Zeni Geva, Marble Sheep), Mark Francombe (ex-Cranes guitarist), and Bill Wood (1/3 Octave Band). For his Miasmah debut, FNS treats the listener to a spectacular excursion into the world of psych-folk instrumentals, with a collection of semi-improvised multi-layered pieces, primarily for acoustic and electric guitar and voice. These lo-fi home recordings capture a sense of astral travel, though explorations into drone, raga-styled melodies and layers of guitar feedback. The immediate allure of FNS' spectral sound is in the understated nature of the performances -- it recalls the magnetic interplay between Tom & Christina Carter's work in Charalambides, the playful free noise of Sunburned Hand Of The Man, the ethereal blues of Loren Connors, and a variety of subtle but undeniable influences from the '70s progressive UK folk scene. FNS' sound is a sorrowful sound -- a death-fuzz, a hazy, wailing wall of cavernous guitars, doom freak-out and swirling psychedelia, melded into one then drowned in echo and haze. FNS fires forth cosmic transmissions for the mind and spirit -- the result is nothing short of an aural treat. Audio mastered by Helge Sten aka Deathprod.

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