fifto - with miur

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  • Label : Home Normal
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The music of Keigo Igarashi aka fifto is reminiscent of the fantastically catchy melodies of Aoki Takamasa, and also shows a great ability for experimentalism in the most honest of ways. with miur perfectly captures that fine line between the elusive and the close and accessible. All the way back in 2009, "this curved" (as it finally became) felt like an instant classic, and to this day retains its amazing beauty as one of the key tracks on a superb album. Hiding in small towns and cities around the world are so many wonderful artists who, for various reasons, are not given a voice or chance to express themselves openly. fifto is one of the finest one could have the fortune to come across. Written and produced by Keigo Igarashi; tracks 3, 4, and 9 written and recorded with Junpei Miura.