danieto - prebuffer - abducibot

  • Cat No : utrans04
  • Label : U-cover
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U-cover's sublabel transparente presents 'Prebuffer- Abducibot" a new work and fourth solo-album from Chili's electronic talent Danieto. In 'Prebuffer-Abducibot' we found Danieto's characteristic sound, creating atmospheres and evoking our senses using a wide range of sonorities and rhythms. There is something refreshing in this work, more dubby and calm than previous ones. And we find again Danieto's wish of experimentation and his dedication in every sound and detail. Danieto's Prebuffer-Abducibot is an elegant, melodic, intelligent and crafted work. An exciting cd that will grab your attention from beginning to end, ranged over 13 tracks. Danieto is an artist who keeps on growing and has become a well known name in the electronic world. Limited of 500 copies for the world!

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